Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cleanup Day - Saturday 7th May 10.30am

Malahide is having a National Cleanup Day on Saturday 7th May at 10.30am. We need everyone out so - no excuses! Everyone should meet in the Train Car Park at 10.30 and bring any equipment you think might be useful. We particularly want to tackle/remove/cover the graffiti we were plagued with late last year. See you all on the 7th May! Gerry

AGM 5th May 7pm Grand Hotel

The Malahide Tidy Towns Group will hold their AGM on Thursday 5th May at 7pm in the Grand Hotel. All are welcome. Reports will be given on the latest results from the Competition, review of the work done in 2010, projects currenlty underway and an outline of the 5-year plan. We have a lot of work to geet done so we would urge you to come along. Many thanks

New Signs in Malahide

Eric and Gerry launching the first of a series of Historical Signs for the Train Station
The Tidy Towns Group have requested a number of new Cultural and Natural Heritage signs to go up around the Malahide and environs. Our lack of signs was criticised in the 2010 report and rightly too. Some of these new signs have already gone up. They outline some of the natural and historic features found in and around Malahide.

Tackling Graffiti in Malahide

Images from the CD compiled by Seabury Environmental Group
James and Heidi repainting the wall at the Train Station
Hazel Bolten tackling graffiti on a light pole.

The outbreak of Graffiti is a growing challenge to Tidy Towns members. We have been attempting to tackle it by removing it in good time but for a while it was being replaced just as quickly. Sgt Austin Cox has had good results apprehending the culprits and we would now urge everyone to make a move to cover/remove any graffiti they find. Seabury Environmental group has done stirling work in raising awareness of the graffiti and have compiled a cd of photographs of damaged areas.

Saturday 7th May (10.30am in the Station Car Park) is our National Clean-up Day and all are welcome to bring materials along to paint over/remove graffiti from our beautiful town.

Photographic Display

Heidi Bedell with Camera Club member Peter Bedell Deputy Trevor Sargent launching the Exhibition
In January 2011 the Malahide Camera Club got together with the Tidy Towns to establish a Biodiversity Photographic Exhibition which went on display for 2 weeks in the Malahide Library.

Later the display was seen at the Malahide Community Forum AGM and at TARGET Adult Education Centre. The display is currently touring the local schools in Malahide and anyone interested in displaying the exhibition can email Heidi at

Bee Garden at Malahide Library

The Bee Garden was established at the Malahide Library in June 2010 as part of Biodiversity Year. The plants were purchased from the Bloom Festival and the hive was donated by the National Bee Association of Ireland. The garden was launched by Deputy Mayor of Fingal County Council Peter Coyle.

Report 2010

Here's the link to the Results and Report for Malahide 2010. A summary of the results and areas for improvement is as follows: Overall Devleopment Approach 46/50 The Built Environment 40/50 Landscaping 37/50 Wildlife and Natural Amenities 30/50 Litter Control 27/50 Waste Minimisation 11/20 Tidiness 18/30 Residential Areas 34/40 Roads, Streets and Back areas 35/50 General Impression 9/10 Comments Litter in the Marina and Diamond Dirty Signposts (Main Street) Poor weed control (Marina Walk) Unfilled Planters (Public Toilets) Unpainted Railings (Tennis Club) Some estate signs missing Poor Cycling facilities Damaged Kerb stones (James tce and Marina Walk) Town houses could be painted different colours